TMI Ahead (But Hopefully Helpful)

Fair warning, if you don’t want to hear about personal hygiene, specifically regarding feminine products, just go ahead and pass on reading this now.



Ok so if you are still with me then you are obviously not squeamish and very committed to helping the environment. I had been hearing about Diva cups for a couple of months but was not quite sold on the idea. After talking with my sister-in-law who had made the change, I decided to go for it. At first it was really a matter of getting comfortable with my own anatomy. Then I had to get comfortable with placing the Diva cup properly. After a couple of practice runs, I got the hang of it.

I cannot even begin to say enough about what a change this has been for me. I absolutely love the security of no leaks even over night! I also like that I am not adding any plastic to the environment via tampons or pads. One thing that I did have to adjust was the number of days that I could wear the Diva cup. The first 3-4 days of the cycle are perfect for it, after that for me removal became more difficult with lack of flow.

That is where Thinx panties come in! Underwear that absorb menstrual flow without leaking? WHAT?!?! I bought one pair to try them out to see if they lived up to the hype. I LOVE them! So much so that I requested them for a Christmas present from my hubby who was sweet enough to listen and order them! I now have several pairs for the light flow days. There is a little extra care involved with them. They should be pre-rinsed, washed in warm water, and line dried, but the extra 3 minutes of work every month is so very worth it!

I began this journey in October of last year and have not had to purchase any pads or tampons since! My Diva cup paid for itself the first two months and the Thinx panties will pay for themselves in the next couple of months. When I first started on this journey to zero-waste and minimalism, this was not an aspect I was even really conscious of, however, once I learned how harmful and long lasting feminine care products were in the landfill, I knew I had to at least try to make a change. I am so glad I took a chance and I only regret that I didn’t make this change decades ago!!!! While nothing will every make you have a “happy period” these two products have made it less uncomfortable and have given me a greater sense of security. So ladies, if I can do it, anyone can do it!




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